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January 11

If you’re considering becoming an online casino player, check out the Assassin’s Picks which provide an overview of the top NZ online casino venues. Choosing a good online casino involves a bit of research – you want to make sure that you’ll be signing up at a casino that offers the Internet’s best games, generous bonuses, multiple platforms, easy ebanking and top customer service.

Assassin’s Picks have identified All Slots Casino as the top online casino in New Zealand. All Slots gamers are assured of a terrific gaming event that’s full of fun and excitement. All of the elements that go into creating a superior casino event can be found at All Slots where gamers enjoy a wide selection of choices that allow each person to tailor a gambling event to meet his own particular needs and expectations.

You’ll find hundreds of game options, multiple forms of bonus rewards, different types of ebanking solutions and more. Assassins Picks selects All Slots as the New Zealand casino of choice.

All Slots Games

The All Slots games lobby is an Internet casino benchmark, offering hundreds of game alternatives that range from the old-fashioned, classic games to the newest, most technologically-advanced 21st century slot machines. Slots enthusiasts can pick a slow paced, three reel classic slots or a high-energy, dynamic five-reel video slots. Some of the slots themes are based on popular movie or TV productions while others involve storylines of mysticism, intrigue, science fiction, mystery, humor, magic, history, suspense, romance, travel, sports, mythology, intrigue, whimsy, animals, culinary arts and more.

All Slots Platforms

All Slots offers six different platforms for gaming entertainment. You can access any of these platforms via your personal casino account and move back and forth from one platform to the next as all of your personal details, payout total, gaming history and bonus packages continue to be accessed through your personal account.

Download Casino – When you’re playing on your laptop or desktop PC you can download the All Slots casino software into your gaming device and play at the Download Casino. This download entitles you to access the casino through a single click on your desktop and play the casino’s old-favourites as well as the newest and most popular games at the click of your mouse.

Instant Casino – The Instant Casino will appear on your Internet browser via your personal console. The Internet Casino connects to your gaming device via cable or Wifi and allows you to play at the casino website. The Instant casino offers 24/7 accessibility.

Live Casino on PC – The Live Casino allows you to play your games with a live dealer who you can see via live streaming software and chat with in the chat box. When you play the live games you’ll be able to watch the dealer’s moves as she deals the cards for poker, blackjack or baccarat or spins the roulette wheels. You can change move moves, revise and watch the dealer as she delivers your payouts.

Live Casino on Mobile – The Live Casino is available on mobile for smartphone and tablet users. All of the amenities of the PC live casino are there for mobile users who can play live on their mobile screens.

Mobile Casino – The mobile casino can be entered through the mobile casino app as well as through your mobile browser.

App – You can download the app and play the mobile games on your smartphone or tablet browser regardless of the strength of your Internet connectivity. When you play via the app you won’t be asked to enter the casino’s URL in your mobile browser’s Internet address bar – you just click on the app icon and start playing on mobile

Mobile Browser – All of the mobile casino games are accessible via your mobile browser when you’re connected to the Internet through WiFi or cellular connectivity

All Slots Bonuses

All Slots offers a range of bonus give-aways that enable players to play more games for more time for free. The casino bonuses are added on to your regular game bonuses for a multiplied total and a more rewarding overall gambling event.

New gamers are entitled to collect up to $1600 in match bonus gaming credits on their first four deposits during their first week of gambling activities. On your first deposit you receive a 100% bonus up to $250 and on your second deposit there’s a $50 bonus that’s valued at up to $250. For your third deposit you can collect a 50% matching bonus up to $500 and on your fourth deposit there’s another 50% match bonus, valued at up to $600.Each of your first four deposits brings closer to the $1600 total bonus that’s due to new players so at the end of the week you will have been able to play with an additional $1600. You bring home your resulting payouts from all of the bonus play.

There are additional bonuses available in the form of Loyalty Points for veteran players, contest and draw prizes for gamblers who participate in the casino’s seasonal contests, VIP bonuses for high-rollers, new game free spins for players who test out the casino’s newest games and more.

Play at the All Slots online casino in New Zealand to experience the ultimate in gambling fun and excitement.

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