Liverpool v/s Southampton

Liverpool take on struggling Southampton at home on Saturday, as they lo9ok to get back on the winning track after a shock 2-14 defeat at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night. The Kop side was completely outplayed by the North London club and Spurs completely deserved their victory as manager Andre Villas Boas won over some section of the Spurs fans with the victory. But for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, he will have to get back to the drawing board and plan an all put assault on Southampton who managed just a 1-1 draw against Norwich City at home on Wednesday night to remain rooted to 18th on the table.

Liverpool are currently lying in 12th position in the league table but manager Brendan Rodgers is extremely optimistic that his club can finish inside the top four and qualify for the UEFA Champions League at the end of the season, something that the most ardent of Liverpool fan doesn’t seem to believe. With the club currently struggling to get on the score sheet with none other than Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez managing to find the net, Liverpool are in dire straits and would love to have Andy Carroll, currently on loan at West Ham back, but there is no chance of that happening according to Rodgers.

If one would take away Suarez’s goals from Liverpool’s records this season, the team would be fighting for relegation at this time, but still Rodgers doesn’t believe that his side is not a one-man team as many have branded it as. The club has had to contend with UEFA Europa League action for quite some time and the owners are more or less satisfied if their new manager takes them back to the Europa League at the end of the season. But for Liverpool fans, playing in the second tier of European club competition is not enough and they want to see the club playing in the UEFA Champions League once again.

But for that to happen, the team needs new players who could make the push and all the transfer speculation has unsettled the players a bit, especially Stuart Downing, who has been the subject of interest from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Rodgers would do well to divert his attention, as well as his team’s because he knows time is running out, with the fans growing impatient as another frustrating year looms large.

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