Football betting tips on who the favourites are to win this season’s Premiership

Gambling on who will win the Premiership is usually one of the tougher types of football betting options. As was shown by last season, as few would have expected Manchester City to put up so little defence of their title. This season most bookmakers and pundits think it will be between the Manchester giants and Chelsea for the league title, with City having been accorded the status of slight favourites by the former. In truth though, there is not much variance in the odds for the three at several sports betting websites. So which team would be best to put your cash on?

Despite City getting the slight nod from the bookies, it is likely that a lot of people will still be betting on Manchester United. Despite losing Sir Alex Ferguson, they still have the same team – and presumably the same winning mentality. Chelsea are also largely unchanged, but the return of Jose Mourinho gives them an edge, as he is the only manager out of the three to have won trophies at the very top level. Chelsea probably lack real quality in forward positions though. It is not such an issue for the Manchester sides – who boast the likes of Aguero and Van Persie – but City looked surprising poor defensively in their recent match with Cardiff. Indeed this issue is so hard to call that you might decide not to bet on it at all, and go for online casino slots like Game On.

No one could blame you if you did, because Game On is exactly the sort of fun football themed slots game that has been drawing so many fans of the sport to casino sites. From the high standard of the video animated animals playing football, to the jackpot and the multiple game bonuses (including a skill shot one that football fans will love every minute of) there is so much that is good about this game for sports and casino gambling lovers. Presumably this is why Game On has proven to be such a hit with both of them, since it was first launched.

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